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Media Inquiries 
and Industry Partnerships

Mrs. Jerri and the LOTR Recruiting Team spends several weeks out of the year travelling the country speaking at industry related conferences, truck driving schools, events, expos and workshops.


In addition, Life on the Road Recruiting hosts 'The Everything Driver Conference' in Houston, TX in November. This is a National Apprenticeship Week sanctioned event with an emphasis on driver recruitment, driver retention, compliance and hiring drivers that are in the Return to Duty process. 


Speaking Topics & Expertise:

SAP/Return to Duty Process Overview

Hiring Drivers out of SAP/RTD

Driver Recruitment & Retention

Second Chance at Trucking

FMCSA Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse

Things to Consider Fresh out of Truck Driving School


Inquire today about a potential partnership and/or speaking at your upcoming Trucking industry event. Please provide the full event details.


Send email inquiries to:

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