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My Ride in a Waymo Self-Driving Robo-Taxi

Updated: Apr 24

Waymo Car driving down city street.

I'm thrilled to share a glimpse of the future that I experienced right here in the present—my ride in a Waymo self-driving car during my recent business trip to Phoenix, AZ. The Jaguar I-PACE, an electric masterpiece, didn't just transport me; it gave me a preview of what commuting without a driver can look like—safe, intuitive, and eco-friendly. 

During my travels, I typically use rideshare because it's easy to schedule the rides in advance and let someone else do the driving. But riding in the Waymo self-driving car was perfect for me. I didn't have to chat with a driver or make awkward eye contact. Don't get me wrong, I like meeting new people, but sometimes, I just want to sit back, relax, and think by myself on the way to where I'm going.

I quickly learned that safety is paramount with Waymo. The car was extremely intuitive and it ensured that every passenger was buckled up. It felt like being in the care of a conscientious co-pilot, one whose eyes could see 360 degrees at all times. The rear-seat display gave an in-depth view of the other motorists on the roadway—predicting their moves before they made them. The Waymo self-driving car is truly a marvel of modern tech!

Using the Waymo app was a breeze, echoing the familiarity of other ride-hailing services but with a twist of innovation. I monitored my car's arrival in real-time and found the cost surprisingly wallet-friendly—a breath of fresh air for both my budget and the environment, thanks to Waymo's commitment to 100% renewable energy. In addition, I had to use the app to unlock the car. Once I entered, I was greeted by a voice that welcomed me by name and helped to familiarize me with the features of the car and what to expect throughout the ride. 

Let's talk about the ride! The I-PACE was quiet, the ride smooth, and the absence of a driver behind the wheel? Definitely, a conversation starter. I could see pedestrians snapping pictures as we drove by. The Waymo One service is pioneering the path, operating round-the-clock in multiple cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and, of course, Phoenix. With their recent expansion to Austin, it's an exciting time for all of us eager for smart, inclusive and sustainable travel options.

Speaking of Austin, as a native Texan, I'm buzzing with excitement about Waymo's recent introduction in our Lone Star State. I'll be heading down to Austin soon to take another autonomous joyride and see how it compares.

Waymo isn't just moving people; it's driving us towards a new world of possibilities. It's not every day that you find a ride that matches convenience with cutting-edge technology, all while keeping safety in mind. I look forward to the continous progress made by the team over at Waymo.

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