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Before going to work for a trucking company, YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE YOU GO! Drivers are ending their careers by failing drug tests. 

Whether you're starting a new job, doing research to enter the truck driving industry or gearing up to enter truck driving school, it is important that you know if you'll pass the company drug test. WHY?!? Because your trucking career depends on it! 

Hair drug tests go back 120 days and most mega carriers require them along with the standard DOT drug test. Stop guessing if you're going to pass and set up your practice hair drug test today! Whether you need a hair or urine non-DOT drug test, we can get you set up.

**NOT IN TRUCKING? That's ok....We can set up drug tests for anyone. 

Here's what you should expect:


  1. Complete the form below and submit your payment

  2. Expect an email with the details from within 3-4 hours

  3. You will have seven days to test at a lab near the zip code you provided

  4. Results are received within 5-7 business days and will only be sent to your email

Schedule Drug Test
Select an item ($)

Thanks for setting up your 'Practice' Drug Test. Expect an email shortly that will include:


  • A receipt for your purchase

  • Donor Pass to show the lab (it should say non-DOT)

  • Drug testing facility hours & location

Text our drug testing team at 832-384-5689 if you have any questions.

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