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To be the educator & recruitment agency of choice in an evolving transportation industry.


To excel as both an educator and the preferred recruitment agency within the dynamic transportation sector. We are dedicated to upskilling and uniting forward-thinking professional truck drivers with institutions and organizations at the forefront of transforming road safety and transportation practices, all while delivering exceptional customer service.


To be the trusted catalyst, empowering individuals and organizations with the information and connections needed to thrive amidst transformative changes in the transportation industry. By educating and linking the future of transportation early adopters with leading companies, we aim to shape a future of safer roadways, where innovation and safety coexist harmoniously. 


Our purpose comes to life as the premier educator and recruitment agency driving the evolution of the transportation industry. We forge vital connections between professional truck drivers and pioneering companies committed to creating safer roadways and a more sustainable trucking and transportation industry

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At the forefront of the future of transportation, we are committed to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in every aspect of our journey. We recognize the power of diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences in driving innovation and shaping a sustainable and inclusive transportation landscape. We are dedicated to actively including women, minorities, and individuals in need of a second chance in our DEI commitment.

We strive to bridge the gaps, connecting individuals from all walks of life with transformative opportunities, creating pathways for growth and empowerment. By nurturing an inclusive environment, we aim to break down barriers and ensure equal access to resources, advancements, and success for all stakeholders in the transportation industry, especially those who have historically been underrepresented or faced challenges.

Together, we will build a future where everyone's included, regardless of their background or circumstances, and where diversity is celebrated as a driving force behind positive change in the transportation sector.

  • Why did your driver recruitment business model pivot?
    We recognized the need to adapt to the evolving transportation industry, especially with the emergence of battery electric and autonomous vehicles. As a result, we pivoted our driver recruitment business model to align with the transformative changes taking place in the industry. Our solutions include future of trucking education, a community of like-minded individuals, career transformation tools, industry news, access to traditional driving jobs, as well as autonomous vehicle operator information and careers.
  • How does your focus on the future of work relate to the technologically advanced transportation industry?
    The transportation industry is advancing at an extremly fast pace, driving a rapid evolution in the required skills and knowledge of the professional truck driver. Our education division is instrumental in bridging the gap between the current workforce and the future of work in the transportation industry. Through our professional development webinars, in-person workshops and strategic partnerships, we prepare individuals and organizations to excel in this changing landscape. By upskilling professional truck drivers, our programs go beyond traditional training. We also provide extensive education in people and interpersonal skill development, ensuring that drivers are not only proficient in the operation of technologically advanced vehicles but are also adept at communication, problem-solving, and collaboration.
  • How does your vision empower individuals and organizations amidst transformative changes?
    Our vision positions us as the trusted catalyst, empowering individuals and organizations with the necessary information and connections to thrive in the midst of transformative changes in the transportation industry. We aim to link early adopters of EV/AV technology with industry-leading companies, enabling individuals and organizations to shape a safer and more sustainable future. We prioritize innovation, safety, and the well-being of all stakeholders, fostering an empowered and collaborative environment.
  • How can truck drivers and logistics professionals effectively utilize this website to enhance their careers and stay abreast of industry advancements?
    Professional truck drivers and logistics professionals can utilize this website as a valuable resource to enhance their career and navigate the evolving landscape of transportation. This platform serves as a hub of knowledge, offering professional development opportunities and insights into the future of the industry. It provides access to traditional truck driving jobs, helping professionals find opportunities that align with their current skills and experience. Additionally, it showcases emerging roles that will shape the future, such as electric and autonomous vehicle operations, sustainable logistics, and technology-driven solutions. By exploring our website's content, professional truck drivers can gain a deeper understanding of industry trends, reskill & upskill, while positioning themselves for success in both current and future transportation job markets.
  • How does your role as the recruitment agency of choice contribute to the industry-wide transformation?
    As the recruitment agency of choice, through education, knowledge sharing, and connecting early adopters of EV/AV with leading companies, we play a pivotal role in the industry-wide transformation that is happening before our eyes. By actively engaging with both candidates and companies in the Electric Vehicle (EV) and Autonomous Vehicle (AV) sectors, our agency acts as a catalyst for change and progress. Through comprehensive educational initiatives, we equip job seekers and industry professionals with career transformation, the latest insights and trends in EV/AV technology, fostering a well-informed talent pool that can drive innovation and growth. Our commitment to knowledge sharing extends beyond just job placement. We organize seminars, webinars, and workshops that facilitate open discussions about advancements in EV/AV technology, regulatory developments, and sustainability practices. By creating platforms for thought leaders, experts, and enthusiasts to exchange ideas, we contribute to shaping the collective understanding of the industry's potential and challenges.
  • How does your new business model accommodate individuals that need a second chance?
    Our business model supports all individuals, embracing the idea of second chances and promoting inclusivity within the transportation sector. We are dedicated to seeking driving and non-driving opportunities that provide a pathway for individuals looking for a fresh start at their career aspirations. By actively educating and matching second chance individuals with suitable roles, we not only offer them a chance at rebuilding their lives but also contribute to the overall growth and advancement of the transportation industry. Our commitment to inclusivity ensures that diverse talents can thrive, fostering a stronger and more resilient sector that benefits everyone involved.


Frequently Asked Questions

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