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Future of Trucking: Recap of the Sept. 13th Subcommittee Hearing on Autonomous Trucks in America

Subcommittee Panelists

In the midst of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, a significant subcommittee hearing took place on September 13th, addressing the future of autonomous trucks. The common theme resonating throughout the session was clear: maintaining jobs for truck drivers while embracing the transformative potential of autonomous technologies. From each corner of the House of Representatives, including the voices of Mike Bost, Grace Napolitano, Eleanor Norton, and Doug LaMalfa, the importance of preserving the backbone of America's transportation industry, our truck drivers, was emphasized.

Jeff Farrah, the Executive Director of AVIA

A central figure in the discussion, Jeff Farrah, the Executive Director of AVIA, illuminated the promise of safer roads through the adoption of autonomous trucks. Notably, major industry players like Walmart, FedEx, Kroger, and Tyson Foods have already begun integrating autonomous trucks into their delivery fleets, with a strong focus on enhancing safety. Farrah underscored the grim reality of 43,000 annual deaths, including 5,800 from truck crashes, primarily attributed to human error.

Encouragingly, he pointed out that autonomous trucks have yet to record a single fatality, reaffirming the significance of continued investments in safety.

Chris Spear, President and CEO of the American Trucking Association

Chris Spear, President and CEO of the American Trucking Association, brought attention to the critical role of autonomous vehicles (AVs) in aiding drivers by enhancing awareness and responsiveness. Spear drew attention to the severe shortage of truck drivers, indicating the need for an additional 1.2 million drivers to meet economic demands and counteract an aging workforce. He underscored the necessity for a national framework that safeguards American truckers' jobs while positioning the industry as a global leader, all while attracting the next generation of drivers.

Cathy Chase, Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety President

Cathy Chase further emphasized the urgency for reform by highlighting the alarming statistics of 2.5 million injuries and 43,000 deaths resulting from crashes. Her concerns about the absence of protective standards for those outside autonomous vehicles echoed the need for immediate action. Chase advocated for advancing proven technologies, such as automatic emergency braking systems, which could significantly reduce crashes. While acknowledging the potential for job displacement in long-haul trucking, she proposed that job creation in short-haul trucking could help balance the equation.

Shares Aurora's goals.
Chris Urmson, CEO of Aurora

Chris Urmson, CEO of Aurora, unveiled his company's ambitious goals. Aurora is determined to achieve a significant milestone: having no human driver in the cab of their autonomous trucks by the end of 2024. Urmson made it abundantly clear that their vision extends beyond automation; it's about creating more job opportunities and enhancing the quality of life for truck drivers. Urmson emphasized that safety is their paramount concern as they navigate the path to fully autonomous trucks. In addition to this, Urmson highlighted Aurora's partnership with Pittsburgh Technical College to establish degree programs and certifications tailored specifically for fleet technicians and sensor technicians. This collaboration not only highlights the importance of workforce development but also signals the industry's commitment to investing in education and training essential for the responsible implementation of autonomous trucking technology.

Each panelists’ testimony during the subcommittee hearing was pivotal, offering a significant perspective on the industry's progress, the paramount importance of safety, and the measures being taken to prepare the workforce for the imminent future of autonomous trucks. To view the full video of the subcommittee hearing visit the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee channel.

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